la Terrine / Wedding Center
280 Columbus Ave at 73rd
Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM
Sat 11AM-7PM
Sun 12PM-6PM

ARCADES BLUE AND GOLDPhilippe Deshoulieres

ARCADES GREENPhilippe Deshoulieres

BABELE BLURichard Ginori

BLUE FIRERoyal Limoges

BLUE RICCODeruta of Italy

BLUE STARRoyal Limoges

BURANOArte Italica

DHARAPhilippe Deshoulieres

FIONADeruta of Italy

GIARDINODeruta of Italy

ISPAHANPhilippe Deshoulieres

MAKASSARRoyal Limoges

MARADeruta of Italy

MEDICIArte Italica

NATALEArte Italica

ORSAY BLACKPhilippe Deshoulieres

ORSAY POWDER BLUEPhilippe Deshoulieres

ORSAY WHITEPhilippe Deshoulieres

PASHADeruta of Italy

PEACOCKDeruta of Italy


RICCODeruta of Italy

RICCO VERDEDeruta of Italy

ROOSTERDeruta of Italy

SICILIAMade in Italy

TOSCANEPhilippe Deshoulieres

XVII CENTURYMade in Portugal